Monday, 15 January 2018

Thank You

2018 has started with us being able to support two young people – one at university and one with medical fees.

We have just completed a two month visit to the Holy Land to ensure the safety, education, medical support and welfare of the children in our care. All the children have been visited in their schools or homes and continue to be supported as the result of the kindness of wonderful donors, sponsors and volunteers both in the UK and the Holy Land.

This support makes such an enormous and fantastic difference to children in crisis in a region where not only violence but endemic poverty and a lack of hope blights so many young lives. I have the enormous privilege of working with the children, teachers, doctors, parents and others. I can see first-hand what a difference we all are making together for those in the greatest need. On behalf of the children, an enormous thank you to all who offer such freely given generous support. Lives would be so much poorer were it not for your care. Monitoring each child’s educational, welfare and medical needs is ongoing and so important.

Talks are being planned around the UK over the next few months to raise awareness of the plight of children in crisis. We will keep you updated when dates and venues are confirmed.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Our new Patron

We are so grateful and absolutely delighted that Gervase Phinn has agreed to be the patron of Abraham’s Children in Crisis. Gervase is a prolific author and poet who was a teacher for fourteen years followed by ten years as a schools inspector. He is a freelance lecturer, a visiting professor of education and holds five fellowships and honorary doctorates. We warmly welcome this great Yorkshireman as together we endeavour to support children in critical need in the Holy Land.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Great Missenden

Following a fantastic week with the ‘gang’ from Oldham we are now looking forward to visiting new and old friends at St. Peter and St. Paul’s, Great Missenden next month. We are very happy to have been invited to share something of the work of ACIC and the situation of young people in crisis in the Holy Land.